2017 – Joint Venture with Wild Horse

Manufacturing competence

With the acquisition of the Wild Horse brand, Unitex has taken over the manufacturing unit in China which has capacity to produce 1500 machines, spread across 80, 000 sqm and employing over 300 people. Unitex has a total capacity of more than 2000 machines per annum spread across all 3 facilities.

Unitex has now has a total of 3 manufacturing facilities namely in Malaysia, Shanghai and Xiamen Fujian in China. The company’s facility in Malaysia was originally established in Singapore in 1996 and then relocated to Johor Bahru in Malaysia in 2015. This facility, spread across 10, 000 sqm has capacity to manufacture 400 machines with a workforce of 50 people. Unitex’s Shanghai factory was started in 1998 with a capacity to manufacture 500 machines. The Shanghai facility is spread across 16, 000 sqm employing over 100 people.

The factories have fully integrated production capabilities such as CNC machining centers, heat and surface treatment. All critical components are manufactured in-house to ensure consistent quality, high precision, long lasting and durable. Currently 70% of the components including cylinder, cams, transmission and knitting component systems are manufactured in-house and the balance 30% is outsourced including yarn storage feeder, needle, sinkers and electrical devices.