wedding catalogue


1. Guo Da Li is often held 2-3 weeks before the wedding and a matchmaker or senior relative would accompany the groom to discuss the (Pin Jin) dowry money and gifts to the bride’s family.


3. Traditionally, the bridal pastries received from the groom’s family as part of the Guo Da Li would also be distributed to friends and relatives as a form of wedding invitation announcement.


5. A young boy with a horoscope compatible with the bridge and groom will be invited to roll on the bed to bless the couple with an abundance of children in their marriage.


7. Uniquely for the Teochew in Singapore, a Teochew was will be placed on the tray together with the betrothal money symbolising the groom parents’ love for the bride.


9. Roasted pigs were used to represent prosperity because only the wealthy could afford such a delicacy. Today, the roasted pig has been replaced with canned pig trotters for convenience and longer shelf life.


11. Xi bings are one of the betrothal gifts given to the bride’s family to signify the groom’s gratitude towards the bride’s parents for having raising up the bride and also signify an abundance of wealth


13. Traditionally, it is taboo for the bride to eat xi bings meant for the Guo Da Li ceremony as it is considered equivalent to eating away at her own happiness.


15. When the groom sets off to pick up the bridge, the groom dad will coordinate with the bride’s family to light the dragon and phoniex candles together


17. Wedding ceremony tea set. Its recommended the tea set should be brewed with logan, lotus seed & red dates to symbolise sweetness and blessing for the couple to conceive early in marriage.


19. Lao Gong Bing: For couples whose grandparents are still around


21. Red drape embroidered with Chinese characters Bai Nian Xie Lao (‮&‬ت‮&‬~‮٠:&‬ر‭)‬. This is to be hung at the bride’s house for at least 12 days after the wedding as a form of blessing for a harmonious marriage till old age and death.


23.Dragon & Phoenix candle are brought to the bridge house during guo da li, but the bride family will only keep the pair of dragon candle while the groom bring home the pair of phoenix. This symbolises the acceptance of the
groom and the entrusting of the bride to him.


25. Round Shaped Bing are to represent a round and harmonious family, the round edge also symbolise a fulfilling marriage.


27. Traditional Western Cakes symbolise wealth and prosperity because they were premium treats in the past only for grand occasion.


29. Red packets are prepare for the groom parents,grandparents and elder siblings who are not yet married.


31. Baby tub represent fertility  because they were items necessary for childbirth when women gave birth at home during the olden days.


33. These item symbolise the virtues of the bride and show that she is ready to take up the role of a married woman.


35. Its is recommended to keep the items for at least a few years or until the couple have children for good fortune and respect the well wishes that came with it.


37. Prior to combing the hair, the couple should bathe in water with pomelo or pomegranate leaves to help ward off negative energies.